Brakes On Kyosho Inferno Vintage Fail

Nitro Gas Car Repairs are a lot of fun aren’t they ? Having owned a Kyosho since the 90’s, these nitro gas cars seem to go a little stale when it comes to sitting on a shelf for a large majority of their lives. One thing I can say is they don’t build them like they use to.


The Kyosho pictured here apparently won three Japanese championships and is supposed to be collectable.  I do not care about the fact that it is collectable but what I do care about is that the brakes have failed.


There is nothing worse than screaming down the straight only to find your collectible is about to meet its fate because the brakes do not work.


I recently purchased a new Kyosho and when you look at the changes made just to make them more durable and lighter, it is no surprise why they have changed so much over the decades. 

Brakes Not Working On Kysho

It is all about winning at the finish line. At the time in the 90’s the Kysosho was a formidable contender.

Designed to go fast i a straight line and pull up just before the turn with twin disc brakes, it is no wonder why these gas cars are favoured as a shelf special

Replace servo on Kyosho

Brakes are not anything difficult to fix unlike nitro engine tuning issues. I figured this Inferno has been sitting around a long time and that there may have been a possibility that the disc plates may had seized so I checked them and found that they ere quite loose for brake application.


Next was the adjsutment of the linkages to ensure there was sufficient travel for brake application VS throttle.


With this being in check, it only came down to one culprit, the servo. The Servo did not have the ability to apply load on the brakes.


I did not go overboard with the servo strength and just tried a new servo of 6 kilo capacity and it worked a treat. All four wheels come to a dead stop when you need stopping power.

There was no need to put a high strength servo as this vehicle is no longer raced so a new servo with 6 kilo capacity was more than enough to get the job done. I have to wonder how my KysoshoInferno NEO 3.0 stacks up with this vintage version so I did a review on the Kyosho inferno NEO 3.0

Kyosho 90's Chassis
Disc brakes on Nitro RC not working

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