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Engine diagnostic service. From rough idle, unresponsive tuning, engine cutting out under under acceleration, raised revs to maintain ideal, we find the cause of your concerns

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Just finished racing ? Don’t have time for an after run clean ? We can clean your entire RC including internal cleaning of the engine and chassis and dress for your stand ready for your next race.

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From new engine tuning, standard tuning and custom tuning to suit a style of track, we can help tune your car for best performance.

Welcome to Spartan RC. We love this hobby so much I decided to build a site to express this passion of our obsession of loving RC Cars.


30 years ago when I got involvede in this hobby, youcould not express your love of a hobby back in the day but moving forward 30 years, thanks to the web, you now can


Although this site is about Nitro cars, it doesn’t mean we have no interest in electrics. Electrics is fine for us but Nitro just has that Buzz.


I originally started with electric RC Cars having started with Tamiya. One of the easiest platforms to put together an RC back then. Once together, I was off to the races. 30 years on, electrics are just a blow away with technology.


I have been into cars all my life and so has my son.From the day I could drive the love of cars has developed from the real things to even hobby cars like gas nitro cars.


It is a passion, it is a love, it is gas car MADNESS that has developed within our hearts. It is crazy how something so small can behave like the real thing and it is why we have been so hooked all these years that we have accumulated so much equipment it is ridiculous.


We figured having so much knowledge of RC car repairs, why not help others who share the same passion so the development of this website for nitro gas cars was created.

Peter Owner Of Spartan RC

Talk to real RC Nitro car experts when you need them.

just so we can share the love of gas cars and to help anyone who has issues with their gas engines or needs RC Nitro gas car repairs

We decided that since we have the knowledge why not offer it to those in need so we built this website.

This site obviously will grow to contain much information with feed back on some models, experiences, repairs and more so pop back every now and then and check us out.

If you have any questions or need some answers about gas cars, you can also contact us for more info.

From the early days of having started this hobby on the early nineties till now in 2023, our gas cars have never left us and we still have the passion to be involved in this hobby and just building a website for gas cars is now even more exciting as the whole world will see this site develop into the largest hobby site over the next few years.


This is not a website for the purpose of selling cars or parts.

It is a website for the purposes of sharing our knowledge and our experiences as well as providing valued services with nitro car repairs or nitro engine tuning and repairs.


This site will grow into an informative platform where it will be entertaining for the masses and maybe someone can take something away with them.

If you have any questions about your gas car, please don’t hesitate to call on the above number

Nitro engine tuning or Nitro car repairs, we do it .

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