So What Is The Best Rc Car For Beginners ?

The age-old question. What is the best RC Car for beginners or what RC  car should I start with? Whether you are looking for the best RC car for adults or the best RC car for kids, buying the right car makes a difference in whether or not you enjoy the hobby, or hate it.


Over my years of running RC cars at race tracks or even the local parks or dirt areas, someone will always approach you in astonishment when they see you running a Nitro-powered RC car and begin to throw a million questions out of sheer excitement, and they sometimes ask what is the best RC car for kids or adults to start with.


Especially if it’s a young guy with dad or mum tagging along and telling their parents…” HEY THAT IS THE RC CAR THAT I WANT DAD ” and then you find you stop running your gas car because you find it hard to disappoint people and help out where you can.


The idea is to try and shed 30 years of knowledge and mechanical aptitude in half an hour. Good luck with that one, right ?

Some Of The Questions I am Often Asked:


  1. How fast does it go?
  2. is that a real engine?
  3. Are the parts expensive?
  4. Is it reliable?
  5. How much do I need to buy a full complete kit?
  6. What is a really good brand RC Car?
  7. Where Can I race mine if I buy one?
  8. what does it cost?
  9. Can you do it up like a real car?
  10. Do I have to know much about the engine?


and many more as they come to mind. These are just some questions.


The most important factor before anything is money. What is your budget and the best RC car you can buy for under 1000 dollars or under 500 dollars?


Your budget will play a role in what you can buy that will be reliable and provide the most fun for the money invested.

Traxxas Sledge Belted 1/8 4Wd Brushless Electric Monster Truck Orange (Trx95096-4-Orng

A Little More Information About The Traxxas Sledge Belted

 One of the best RC Cars for beginners to start with is the Traxxas Sledge. Easy set up, charge your battery and away you go with hassle-free bush or track bashing. The Sledge is built tough out of the box for speed and race-inspired performance. It is basically plug-and-play with all the on road and off road performance we have come to know Traxxas for.


If you want an electric RC to come into the dirt scene and even on raod scene for bashing around, the Taxxas Sledge is one of the best RC cars for beginners.


Yes, it is a little too fast for beginners but the car has other advantages which will save money in the long run that you do not find in the cheaper versions that you will eventually upgrade to.


So, why waste the money to begin with and get something out of the box that will definitely put a smile on your face on track and off-road. Made for speed and jumps, this baby is built Tonka Tuff. Money well spent indeed.

If you want to hit the ground running without having to read this entire page just yet, because it is a huge page to read, you can take my word for it and trust in me to tell you to start with electric.  The one to the right which is the JLB Truck is ready to go.


This is a great stadium style to break into the RC world as it is a preety solid unit and a good RC car for beginners. This is in the off road range but having said that, you can also use it on road.


Metal Chassis RC Car with waterproof brushless motor and services that can handle up to 21klgs weight is a good unit with good speed top start with.Not what I recommend for kids, but some supervision with kids will be required with this truck.

What Do You Need To Know Before You Buy An RC Car?

Ok, here goes. If you really want to get into the RC car scene or any RC facet of radio control Hobby, I have to be honest here and ask:


  1. What is your ability to diagnose issues? Because over your time in this hobby, you will build your knowledge in RC Cars, or spend a lot of money at your local hobby shop doing it for you. Trust me, there will be a need to master your involvement in this hobby or it can get expensive.
  2. Do you have a good mechanical aptitude? You will need this with nitro engines.
  3. What entry level car are you looking at, on road or off road ?
  4. What is your budget?
  5. Are you willing to invest your time and some of your hard-earned dollars in this hobby, because there will be much learning that will take place?


These are just some questions you need to get out of the way before you pull out your wallet and start spending some money.Back in my day of learning all about the RC Car scene, I actually started with electric. For the sheer reason that I did not feel prepared for the Nitro scene and thought it just was not worth the money or headaches to buy a Nitro RC car.


This was all much to do with having heard it from many people, but this was not entirely true which I will explain soon.  So, I purchased a brand new Tamiya Stadium truck which was back then ok for the dollars which was around the 200 dollar mark at the time, but this RC car was absolute total rubbish. What did I expect for 200 dollars ? It was entry level into the RC car scene and it was all I could afford and it got me on my way having some crazy fun with it.


On dirt, it could never take off in a straight line, it had a mechanical speed controller with acceleration that came on in stages, ensuring plenty of traction issues on off-road use.


Although this was an off-road truck, it actually went better on the road because it could get traction. Off-road, it would just want to go into Helispins as soon as you would touch the throttle. This was the beginning of my learning curve. I did not realise it at the time, but I was actually learning about my new hobby. I just didn’t realise it. Let’s face it, this was plug n play back in my day. All I needed was fully charge batteries and away I went.


My only problem really was figuring out :


  1. How do I make this car take off in a straight line on dirt?
  2. And How do i make the acceleration more smoother?


These were the only problems I really had that I needed to conquer. Traction and acceleration. In time, as I saved a bit more money, I bought more equipment for battery charging, more batteries, higher powered motors. After having spent some money on aftermarket performance parts, I somewhat managed to get the stadium truck to take off in a straight ahead line as possible and soon began many years of having a blast but the blast was to be short lived.


It did not feel like the real thing was the issue all the time. Although electric was fast in a straight line and off the mark, sound was the missing equation.


In my time of owning an electric RC car, what I learned to do was:


  1. Drive high speed cars and understand direction steer to and from the Transmitter.
  2. Modify electric cars
  3. Modify and repair RC suspension systems for optimal performance
  4. Modify and repair steering systems for optimal performance
  5. Understand how electric cars work and diagnose fault issues using diagnostic tools.


This was the fun of driving electric cars. They were relatively easy to fix and off you went. All I needed to do was to learn how to drive the car and repair it when it stopped running, which might I might add was rare. As for the track, there was more learning there of controlling the vehicle on dirt but because I had upgraded the truck with better performance parts, the RC off road wasn’t bad


So to to put it into perspective, if you want minimal headaches and still be able to get entry level performance without the running knowledge required of a Nitro RC car, BUY AN ELECTRIC RC CAR.

My Personal Recommendation For Buying An RC Car For Beginners

Ok, I can honestly say that if you have come this far, than you are really interested in this hobby, and you would like an entry model on the right side of RC cars.


Now, do you fall in the following category?


  1. You have budget of no greater than 200-400 dollars
  2. You want a simple out of the box RC car, complete RTR Or build kit
  3. You want minimal running complications but still want to tinker
  4. You want a car that is still relatively fast
  5. You want it as quiet as possible
  6. You would like min disruption to learning how to drive it
  7. Want to spend as little money as possible after the initial purchase.


Then an electric RC Car is for you. Electric RC cars have minimal learning curves compared to Nitro RC cars and if you do not want to spend time learning how to tune a car and get staright into driving it, than an electric RC car is for you.

This would be the best RC car to start with and I always basically always recommend that anyone getting into the RC car scene and asking, “what is the best RC car for beginners ” I always tell them electric RC cars are the best cars to start with. I should also mention 1/10 scale is the recommended scale RC car to start with.

Below Are Some Recommended Affordable Electric RC Models To Start With That Anyone Entering The RC Field Can Afford.

ZD Racing ROCKET DBX-10 1/10 4WD 80km/H

1:10 2.4G 4WD Brushless RC Monster Truck 80KM/H

1:10 2.4G 4WD Brushless RC Monster Truck 80KM/H

FS Racing 53815-FD 1:10 2.4G Wireless RC Monster Truck 4WD

Rock Crawler Models

Capo CUB2 RC Crawler 1/18 Metal 4WD Car Assembly Model

JDMODEL JDM-168 1/10 4×4 4-Speed All-metal Electric RC Car

Nitro RC Cars

Should You Start With A Nitro Powered RC Car?

The nitro RC Car scene, if you buy a budget brand, can be a challenging one. This side of RC Cars is a little different to the electric car scene. Why ? Simple. Nitro cars run real engines that must be on point for them to run reliably and perform all day long.


The differences lie in what brand of Nitro RC car you buy for your first nitro car. The reason being is that the much cheaper brands of RC cars tend to be built with poor quality in terms of the engineering side of the engines and if there is one thing nitro RC engines do not like and will give you hell over, it is air leaks. This is one of the biggest issues with RC car repairs


  1. Loss of fuel pressure or low fuel pressure
  2. Air leaks through sealed bearings
  3. Crankcase seal leaks
  4. Carburettor seal leaks
  5. Or pull start bush leaks.


Have anything go wrong in this department and not know what you are doing and you are in for a ” HELL ” of a ride.


Reason being is that you either need to learn how to diagnose problems like this by yourself, or run to your local hobby shop and have them charge you for the privilege of diagnosing the problem and attempting to fix the issue.

Cost To Fun Comparison With Nitro RC Cars VS Electric RC Cars.

When it comes to the difference between buying Nitro RC cars and buying an electric RC car is that with electric cars being on the cheap side, you can still enjoy the hobby with a cheap electric car or an expensive electric RC car. It is basically plug and play. Nothing to it. Even the race versions.


A gas car is VERY different. if you are on a budget and are thinking of buying a cheap base Nitro RC car, expect the real possibility of buying a Nitro RC car that could possibly cause you severe headaches. Most cheap Nitro RC Cars are built extremely with very poor engineering and this usually equates to many air leaks around the sealed components of the engine which will cause very severe and time-consuming tuning issues.


I don’t know about anyone else, but I would rather spend my time racing than trying to tune an inefficient engine all day long. I did this with my first cheap Nitro RC car that I bought when I got started. I spent months trying to fix this engine with tuning, never being able to understand what the issue was. The more I closed off the mixture needles for sharp throttle response the more the car would start to suck air through leaks on the engine. If it ran rich, it was fine with idles but never had a crispness to the throttle because it was always fat with fuel mixtures.


This car however, is the reason I know so much about engines these days, Even bad quaslity cars have their benefits. A bad Nitro RC Car will make you a great RC mechanic. After all, how will you diagnose an engine with issues you buy a high-quality RC Nitro Engine? Hence, why, a bad RC engine will make you a great Nitro RC Mechanic.


Basically, if you are going to start with Nitro cars, my best recommendation is that if you are starting on a low budget, Nitro RC cars is not for you if you are not up for wasting a lot of time fixing an RC car that you spend more time fixing than racing…BUT…it is this car that will make you a master in Nitro engines.


So The Differences Are


Electric RC Cars, you can start with low budget or high budgets with very minimal disruption to your enjoying this hobby


If you are on a budget and wish to get into Nitro RC Cars, expect the real possibility of having disruption to you enjoying the hobby. Very cheap Nitro RC cars are built with inferior materials and will more than likely have running issues. Purchase only Top brand quality cars in this department if you have the budget. If you do not have the budget, best recommended you choose an electric RC car.


Electric RC Cars out of the box, even the cheap ones will run all day long as long as you don’t abuse them outside of their intended use. Cheap budget Nitro cars, not so much.

Do I Qualify To Start With A Nitro RC Car ?

Do You Fit Into The Below Category?

The problem with Nitro RC cars is that once you have driven one, even if it was the first RC car you drove, it will be very hard to go to electric. There is just no buzz Like a Nitro RC car.


The sound, the feel, The scream as it flies past you—the revving of the throttle, the smell and so on. The heart will want a Nitro RC car, but the mind will ask questions. This is where you need to be careful, so you need to pay attention to some close questions which will clarify whether or not you should buy a Nitro RC car or an electric RC car.


So, Do You Fall Into The Following:


  1. Do you have a budget above 500 dollars?
  2. Do you have the capacity to buy a brand-recognised model? The reason I ask is that the better brands have the least running issues with them.
  3. If buying at below the 500 dollar mark, do you have the patience to fix it if it breaks, won’t tune properly, won’t start and generally is not easy to work with?
  4. Do you have a mechanical aptitude?
  5. Are you prepared to purchase very many associated items to do with Nitro cars, parts and other ancillaries?
  6. Are you Prepared to learn how to diagnose engine running issues?
  7. Are you willing to master the art of tuning so well, that you practically hear what the engine is saying to you?
  8. Do you like tinkering?
  9. Are you prepared to spend hours learning when it runs into problems?
  10. Are you not fussed with being in a hurry to get to race it when you are spending time correcting engine issues?
  11. Are you prepared for trips to the RC shop when you are in the process of learning about Nitro RC Cars?


They are the basic questions that you have to ask yourself before you buy a Nitro RC car. If you can not answer yes to all these questions, DO NOT BUY A Nitro RC Car. Better off to stick to electric RC cars.


If you answered yes to these questions, then welcome to the real fun of RC cars, where the sound, the smell and the scream of an RC car as it goes past you puts a big smile on your face. Some of the best brands on the web for amateur and competition are Traxxas, Kyosho, Losy, Team Associated, and others.


Best Nitro RC Cars To Choose From

Competition Level

Losi 1/8 8IGHT 4WD Nitro Buggy RTR Red/Yellow (C-LOS04010V2)

If you are convinced that you do not want to waste time with the everyday RC Nitro cars and get straight to the racetrack and start getting your hands dirty learning everything there is to learn about serious competition and are not interested in bashing around car parks or the odd bush track, then the Losi 8IGHT 4WD Nitro Buggy is for you. We also did Kyosho inferno review if you would like to check it out.


This platform has won quite a few tournaments in the ROAR category. Up to 8 so far, so if you want to get racing fast, this is the ticket.


This defies the logic of starting low but lers be realistic, this car will not give you heaches like the cheaper brands.

Key Features Of The Losi 8IGHT

  • Get racing immediately out of the box with an exceptionally fast buggy.
  • 4mm 6061-T6 Aluminium Chassis Plate
  • Dynamite .21 nitro engine with pull start
  • Metal-gear transmission and sealed differentials
  • Gen III radio tray for longer servo life

So What Is In The Box You Ask?

  • (1) 8IGHT 4WD Nitro Buggy RTR
  • (1) Spektrum SLT 3-Channel SLT Radio System
  • (1) Dynamite 1600mAh 6V NiMH receiver pack
  • (4) AA Transmitter Batteries
  • (1) 4-Way Cross Wrench
  • (1) Product Manual

Minimum Needed to Complete This Racing Arrangement

  • (1) 20-30% Nitromethane fuel
  • (1) Nitromethane-Approved Dispenser
  • (1) NiMH Battery Charger with Rx charge lead
  • (1) Glow Igniter

Do You Really Want To Go Straight Into Nitro RC Racing?

When it comes racing, understand that there will be a considerable investment in your hobby. Before you go shelling out big money on competition buggies like this, my best advice is, pay a visit on a comp day at your local club racing events and see what is involved .


It will be a real eye-opener. You will gauge quickly that racing quality RC’s come with a lot for equipment for the racetrack. It is not uncommon to see guys with tool boxes full of tools, parts and fuel just to race one car. If you are up for this, you have the budget to invest in the car and equipment and want to be a contender in the racing arena of Nitro RC cars, then Buy the Losi 8IGHT here.

Amateur Take To The Skate Park Or Dirt Track Cars

Who has not heard of Traxxas today? Traxxas is a global company who started in 1986 selling electric RC cars from McKinney, Texas


They initially started with electric cars and then developed their first boat which soon followed called the Villain IV. From 1992, they released their first RTR model called the Nitro Hawk.


From there on the rest is history as they say and today they are one of the largest manufacturers in RC Cras and a major sponsor in the Stadium Super Trucks.


Traxxas today build some of the fastest Trash and bash electric and Nitro powered RC cars. I actually have myslef a Traxxas Revo and I have to say you get a lot of car for the money.


If you are not so much into racing ( even though these can be set up for racing ) Traxxas is a strong reliable unit. I still have mine for when I purchased it ten years ago and it still works today.


If you have been looking for some fast two speed nitro fun and want a gas car that you can tinker with, upgrade items for better performance and more, then TRAXXAS is the ticket for you. A little on the pricey side but a unit worth having on the shelf as a good looker or a bash monster for the dirt.


These Nitro RC Cars are powerful for their size. You will not be disappointed with their performance even though they are a large 1/10 scale.


I sincerely hope that you have taken something from this page to help you make an in formed ddec ision on what it takes to pick the right RC car for you and it all works out for you,

Best RC Cars For Dirt And Hard Surface With High Speed Are Below. The Traxxas Revo And Jato

Traxxas Red/Black Jato 3.3 1/10 2-Speed Nitro 2Wd Stadium Truck (Trx55077-3-Redx)

Buy Traxxas Jato

Traxxas Revo 3.3 W/Rev Tsm 4Wd (Tqi Bluetooth/Ez Start) - Blue (Trx53097-3-Blue)

Buy Traxxas Revo

So Are You Into Drfting ?

What Are The Best RC Cars For Drifting?

When I was into the Nitro RC Car scene back in the 90’s, you really only had two choices, and that was either on road or off-road. Either way, you still had a choice of either budget RC cars or quality true performance cars. Now you have people asking what are the best cars for drifting ? It is crazy how far we have come in the world of RC cars


There wasn’t anything remotely as drift cars that I remember and being that I was into drag racing, there wasn’t anything as drag racing either. I set up my gas car for drag racing and that was a gas car buggy with a heavily modified LEO .15, different foam tyres , set up suspension running ridiculous levels of compression with 30% nitro and a heavily lightened crank with no pull start weight. This motor was at the time destroying TRX engines.


It actually pulled 3.8 seconds in the 40 metres for its scale. That was faster than top fuelers for its time which was in the 6 seconds. Now, we have dragsters and drift cars so if you are into drift cars, I believe the drift cars below would be some of the best RC cars for drifting if this is what you are into.

Ftx Banzai 1/10 Brushed Drift 4Wd Rtr - Green (Ftx5529G)

Buy Ftx Banzai 1-10 Brushed Drift 4Wd Rtr

Want to know what one of the best RC cars for drifting is? This RC car here takes shape from the FTX and Carnage pedigree. Great performance at an affordable price and very easy to hold drift car.


If you are thinking of hitting the streets with a drift car that was just born to drift, the Banzai 1/10 Brushed Drift 4WD RTR is one of the most affordable and best drift cars online now.


This is ready to drift and is ideal for an entry level drift car that delivers bang for buck.


Designed with strength in mind, this little animal comes with 4WD drive shaft and metal geared components including the diffs for ultimate strength and anodised parts.


Of course when it comes to the handling division side of things, the Banzai comes with oil filled shocks, front CVA unis, adjustable turn buckles for better steering adjustment and a slipper clutch for the added transmission protection so nothing goes bang.


Electronics on the car of course are water proof components, allowing almost all driving conditions to be possible.

I have to admit, always having been into real cars a swell, the Hoonicorn or what started as the Hoonigan was a huge favourite of mine and I practically watched every you tube video that came out on this car and what an animal it was. 


Well, Team associated thought they would make a pretty good rebirth copy of this car and I have to admit, I have already placed my order for one as a shelf Queen just so I can look at it and it is always there should I want to get into drifting.


Now moving onto the car itself, Team Associated in conjunction with Hoonigan brought this model to life together purely for the RC enthusiast to be enjoyed by all in the RC Car scene.

Team Associated Apex2 Hoonicorn RTR (AS30124)

Buy Team Associated Apex2 Hoonicorn RTR (AS30124)

If you are up for spending a little bit more money and really getting a car with high detail, Team Associated have invested heavily in this design to make it as real as it can get.


The Hoonigan Hoonicorn ( What a name )  is a mean mother in real life and just as awesome as an RC drift car. If you can lay claim to fame on what is the best RC car for drifting, it will be this animal right here. This is an RC car with eye catching detail and performance to boot.


Just one look at the video will show you how awesome this RC Drift car really is and just how much fun you can have with it. If you want balance with power and stability, this is the ideal drift car for you. Click on the learn more tab if you want specs and pricing.

If you have any questions, Please Feel Free To Reach Out On 0418 118 998