Brakes Not Working On Kyosho

Brakes On Kyosho Inferno Vintage Fail Nitro Gas Car Repairs are a lot of fun aren’t they ? Having owned a Kyosho since the 90’s, these nitro gas cars seem to go a little stale when it comes to sitting on a shelf for a large majority of their lives. One thing I can say […]

Nitro On Road Gas Car Won’t Start

So Your Gas Car Does Not Want To Start Call On 0418 118 998 For Help Having been involved in the RC Gas car scene for many years you soon grow accustomed to RC engines that just sound like they are talking to you when there is something wrong with them.   From repairing brakes, […]

Blown Diff On RC WL Toy And Review

WL Toy Match 104001 Diff Repair And RC Review Blown Diff On New WL Match 104001 Looking for a review on the WL Toy Match ? Well read on as we have already had a first hand experience of this fine little bash around. We initially purchased the new WL Match for the purposes of […]

Broken Axle On Traxxas Stampede

Breaking An Axle After 8 Plus Years You can never pick what is going to go wrong when you first start your Nitro gas car and give it a hit after 8 plus years of sitting on a shelf lifeless from any activity. Boredom sometimes gets the better of you and you often venture into […]