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Engine And Driveline Repair Experts

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All fuel powered car repairs from broken gearboxes, suspension changes, diffs to engine rebuilds and complete engine overhauls.


Engine diagnostic service. From unsettled idling, unresponsive tuning, engine cutting out under under acceleration, raised revs to maintain ideal, we find the cause of your concerns

After Run Service

Just finished racing ? Don’t have time for an after run clean ? We can clean your entire nitro RC carincluding internal cleaning of the engine and chassis and dress for your stand ready for your next race.

Engine Tuning

From new engine tuning, standard tuning and custom tuning to suit a style of track, we can help tune your fuel powered car for best performance.

Nitro RC Cars have always been a passion of mine and if you are searching for RC Nitro car repairs in Campbelltown or even Sydbney, you could not find anyone more commited. Having owned gas cars since the 90’s and still having them after 30 years say yoiu are commited. With the davancement in RC technology and gas nitro engines, there has never been a more excitring time to be involved in Nitro cars or even elctric cars

Spartan RC Nitro: Your Expert Sydney RC Car Repair Specialists

Need nitro fuel RC car performance experts in sydney ? Having been in the RC Nitro Cars scene since the 90’s and still involved in it just says that I absolutely love fuel powered remote control gas cars.


Whether you like it or not, you eventually become an RC car expert without even realising it. Initially, I thought it would be a passion that would die off like any novelty does but still after thirty years and cracking nearly 60 years of age now, simply says this is a passion that is never going to die.


Nitro remote control cars are a lot of fun but when they break they can be challenging. Whether you have a broken RC axle on your fuel powered car or a seized gearbox, we can help.

Nitro RC Repairs

With the advancement of gas cars in the last 30 years, there has never been a more exciting time to be involved in Gas Cars or Electric cars as well

Having started with conventional 15 size engines and having gone through to 50 size gas engines in monster trucks makes this hobby even more exciting as times move on. I have come along way from not even knowing what the best RC car to start with was back in the day


From engine tuning, figuring lean out at high RPMS, engines struggling to rev, rough idles from air leaks, we fix it all. Gas cars are one of the most thrilling remote control RC hobbies to be involved in.

30 Year Sydney Nitro RC Cars Radio Control Specialists

Welcome to Spartan RC Nitro car specialists, your ultimate destination for top-notch RC car repairs and maintenance services.

With over thirty years of experience in the RC car industry and RC Car repairs, we are passionate about Nitro RC cars and take pride in our expertise.

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Need An RC Hobby Shop In Sydney For Repairs?

Well save it. Fuel Powered cars are fun but when they fail they can also do your head in. Deal with a Nitro RC Expert directly instead of with overhead Hobby shop charges.


At Spartan RC Nitro, we have been involved with fuel powered RC cars for three decades, making us experts in Nitro RC Car repairs.


Hobby shops in Campbelltown or Sydney have high overheads and therefore have to charge exorbitant charges for servicing or RC repairs.


We very much offer extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of RC car repairs so if you need a Nitro RC Mechanic, hit me up.


Whether it’s a nitro engine issue, tuning requirements, or general repairs, our expertise allows us to provide reliable solutions for your RC car problems.



Whether you have an RC Nitro engine that will not start, glow plug issues driveline issues or anything other to do specifically with RC Nitro engines you can rely on Spartan nitro RC car repairs to get it fixed.

Specialised In Fuel Powered RC Cars And Nitro Engine Repairs:

Nitro RC engines require specialized knowledge and skills for repairs and maintenance.As nitro RC specialists, we excel in diagnosing and resolving engine-related issues efficiently. From troubleshooting engine malfunctions to fine-tuning the performance, our expertise as Nitro RC Mechanics ensures that your nitro RC car delivers optimal power and speed.

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Nitro RC Car Engine Tuning

Nitro engines are finicky and very sensitive to tuning with your surrounding environment.


Gas cars are tuned differently from their countries of manufacture. Any RC Nitro fuel powered engine specialist would know this. Achieving peak performance from your nitro RC car requires meticulous engine tuning once it is taken out of the box.


Nitro car tuning in the country of manufacture always provides different atmospheric conditions. You may think that when you start you new gas car for the first time why it will not idle properly or have flat spots during revving the engine.


Do not panic, there is nothing wrong with it. Your Nitro engine just needs retuning for our own atmsopheric conditions. Once retuned, it is ready for racing.



RC Nitro Cars

There are certain adjustments and securing checks that need to be made when a gas car is taken out of its box brand new and if not followed can be more troublesome than most think. After all, there is nothing more annoying than a wheel coming off during your first run.


Various checks must be made with nuts, screws, circlips and all clip on body parts to ensure a smooth run first go and following goes. Our immediate steps with new radio control cars is to remove most screws and nuts and lock tight them to ensure nothing comes loose.

Our Nitro RC technicians are well-versed in the art of fine-tuning nitro engines, maximizing power output, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability. Gas engines are not complicated but do present the very same issues due to air leaks or lack of fuel flow and how these can cause performance issues. Being well versed in Nitro Engines we make performance issues disappear and make precise adjustments, enhancing your RC car’s performance on the track.

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